Psychedelic trip

How to have a safe psychedelic trip

A psychedelic experience can be deeply rewarding, but also carries real risks. Here’s how to avoid a bad trip

Feeling tired, strained, or depressed? Feeling stressed out by the demands of your job, relationship, kids, friends, etc.?

 Ever wonder if you could benefit from a psychedelic trip?

Successful people have started using psychedelics. You can get all the benefits of psychedelics without breaking the law. By working with professionals, you get personal guidance until you are confident to take your first micro-dose.

There are many types of psychedelic substances that could be right for you. Choose your poison, or your flower, or your mushroom, or whatever else tugs at your tassel … And let us help you find psychedelic retreats where you might safely enjoy the sensorial alterations brought about by the psychedelic experience.

Entering the world of psychedelics can be daunting. The psychedelic experience often brings deep peace, insight, and happiness. However, the experience can be very intense if it does not go well.

Is there a limit before you’re tripping too long? What is too long?

Ever wondered how long can a psychedelic trip last? How long before YOU start to feel the negative effects of being on too many psychedelics for too long?

Are you concerned about taking psychedelics for extended periods of time, or taking too much at once, or are you just unsure about what is ‘normal’ or ‘safe’ dosing? Are there serious risks associated with taking LSD, for example, longer than 12 hours? What happens if I take massive doses of mushrooms? Does the psychoactive chemicals in magic mushrooms begin to wear off around 12 hours after consumption? Will

What’s a bad trip, and what causes it?

A bad trip can range from experiencing mild anxiety and paranoia to having a full-scale psychedelic crisis where you go through some deeply disturbing emotions. The worst part is a bad trip can last as long as a good one, which is basically six to eight hours depending on the dosage you’ve taken. During the trip it feels as though time is standing still, making a bad experience even worse.

Taking higher doses of magic mushrooms. 2 to 3 grams of dried mushrooms is considered a full trip dose. Anything higher than this, and you’re courting trouble especially if you don’t have enough experience with psychedelics. Here how many magic mushrooms you should take to get the desired effects.
Being in a negative frame of mind before taking shrooms or during the trip.
Having a setting where there’s excessive stimulation.
Mixing psilocybin mushrooms with other drugs or alcohol.
Taking psychedelic drugs without a trip sitter to soothe you in case things go south.
Not taking enough water.

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